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  • To realms unknown
    I have long used Voyages Jules Verne for interesting places to visit. In 2012 one flyer caught my notice. The chance of a trip to the hermit nation, North Korea. I instantly booked up. This trip is no longer on offer and I am pleased I took the chance in May 2013. To begin, it […]
  • Liberal Democrats must enthusiastically occupy the clear pro EU space – nobody else will
    The Liberal Democrats have historically been enthusiastically pro EU. The strength of that enthusiasm, it’s fair to say, has not always been uniform. While a small number of Liberal Democrats campaigned to leave the EU, the vast majority of us wanted to remain. That was very clear to the tens of thousands who have joined […]
  • Conference Access Fund helps more members to attend
    Spring Conference 2016 saw the launch of the Conference Access Fund, which makes grants to members to enable them to attend conference. It was pretty successful at York, and is proving to be even more popular this time round for Brighton. When members register for Conference they are asked if they would like to make […]
  • Please understand what The Alternative is about
    Judging by the reaction to Andrew George’s post last week  there seems to be a lot of unnecessary fretting among Liberal Democrats caused by ‘The Alternative’, the book I have co-edited with the Labour and Green MPs Lisa Nandy and Caroline Lucas. Allow me to explain why I think some people are getting the wrong […]
  • LDV’s Sunday Best: our 7 most-read articles this week
    Many thanks to the 10,100  visitors who dropped by Lib Dem Voice this week. Here’s our 7 most-read posts… Could “Traingate” derail Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign? (71 comments) by Caron Lindsay Nicola Sturgeon appoints controversial Brexit minister (25 comments) by Caron Lindsay Andrew George writes…Can progressives unite to defeat the Tories? (68 comments) by Andrew George […]

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